The fashion drawings of Michael Sanderson...

Illustrative designer Michael Sanderson has some serious credentials under his belt – big clients like Victoria’s Secret and a position with Tokyo based agency Taiko & Associates, to name a few – oh and, he’s only 23 years old!

After being accepted to The Art Institute of Chicago, the Colorado native dropped out of high school in pursuit of a fashion design degree. Upon landing his first major client, Big Drop NYC, Sanderson left the Art Institute to start his promising design career; His work spans a wide range of clients, from smaller NYC boutiques to mass-commercial corporations and internationally recognized companies. Currently, his work can be found in Victoria’s Secret® stores throughout the world – where in he showcases his fierce talent for drawing fused with a love for fashion design. Reminiscent of a fashion photograph, straight out of 1973 Sanderson’s unique style draws inspiration from this particular era, blending with it an acute artistic eye and a modern twist of sophistication. He combines three different illustrative styles, either working together or independent of one another, to create a sense of energy and excitement in each painting.

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