Some new inspiring outfits...
Love the black!

New drawing...

Today I had to come up with some new designs...
They never come when u want them to come up in your mind...
This is one of the things I came up with...
Just simple but elegant...


New start at Individuals for me...

This week was an exciting one...
It all started with a voicemail of one of my teacher I could still do my minor Individuals, so while I was driving home from my camp I got the news... Still in my shirt I went to bed in, I rushed to school to be able to join the introduction of the minor. Now one week after, we really got to learn the team and had diner tonight, which was nice.
Next week we really start to make 3 outfits for the first phase of the design project, which will be hard work. I'm allready looking forward to the end of the first phase...

Website of Individuals - Click here


Illustrator: Cedric Rivrain

I don't know much about him, the only things I know are his drawings...
Which are really good.
Cedric Rivrain.

Studs for sale in the webshop...

I now have studs for sale in the webshop.
Bronze, Silver and Gold.
To use on your jacket, shoes or bag.
Check it out now!


Illustrator: Laura laine

Wow! This girl can draw!
Just look at the drawings... She did them for a lot of big companies and brands.
Maybe you recognize the Viktor & Rolf, Kenzo and Gareth Pugh of the drawings above...

For more info about Laura Laine visit her website.


Tomorrow starts the introduction camp of the first year's students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. This will be around 120 fashion minded people together on a scouting terrain somewhere near Nijmegen. It will be a lot of fun and I'll try to make hundreds of pics, I'll try to pick the best clothed girls out when we pick them up and shoot there outfits... After that... I have no idea!

See you back on Monday!

D.I.Y. chain necklace

I was in desperate need of a necklace for tomorrow, my outfit will be all black so I need something to break it up...
I bought 2,5m of chain and started to make something, my first idea was to use the rings but finally I ended up using two paperclips as a funny details...
Very easy and cheap...



Some inspiration for all of you...


Accessory report Viktor & Rolf

I especially like the draped clutch, since the next big trend after all the glam rock will be about draped fabric.
All Viktor & Rolf.

And we have a webshop!

From now on we have a garage sale in the webshop!
So check it out every now and then!


Don't we all love pigeons?

This is some work of Jeff Olsen, a NYC-based photographer I like, very much!
He started when he was just eight years old with his first camera and now he shoots for a lot of big magazines and advertising campaigns.
I just love his work!


The fashion drawings of Michael Sanderson...

Illustrative designer Michael Sanderson has some serious credentials under his belt – big clients like Victoria’s Secret and a position with Tokyo based agency Taiko & Associates, to name a few – oh and, he’s only 23 years old!

After being accepted to The Art Institute of Chicago, the Colorado native dropped out of high school in pursuit of a fashion design degree. Upon landing his first major client, Big Drop NYC, Sanderson left the Art Institute to start his promising design career; His work spans a wide range of clients, from smaller NYC boutiques to mass-commercial corporations and internationally recognized companies. Currently, his work can be found in Victoria’s Secret® stores throughout the world – where in he showcases his fierce talent for drawing fused with a love for fashion design. Reminiscent of a fashion photograph, straight out of 1973 Sanderson’s unique style draws inspiration from this particular era, blending with it an acute artistic eye and a modern twist of sophistication. He combines three different illustrative styles, either working together or independent of one another, to create a sense of energy and excitement in each painting.

Terry Rodgers...

Rodgers geeft een eigen visie op de tijd waarin we leven. In een hyperrealistische stijl en met een opvallend barok kleurgebruik portretteert hij verontrustende familierelaties en een schijnbaar aantrekkelijke jonge jetset. De allereerste betovering van deze luxueuze schijnwereld verhult echter datgene waar het de schilder werkelijk om gaat: de spanning tussen verlangen en eenzaamheid.

Tijdelijk te bewonderen in het Scheringa Museum