A big illustrators post... Robert Toth & Connie Lim

Robert Toth - Trendy girls with guns

Connie Lim - Fashion illustrated playing cards

I found some new illustrators which I really like... Hope you like them too...
Well... actually I don't care, hahaha! I like them anyway!

source: cyanatrendland.com


Fashion week: Streetstyle pt 2. Shoes

Another update about different heels spotted this fashion week worn by visitors.


fashion week: Streetstyle pt 1.3 Accessories

Some interesting accessories they carried with them...
I love the feather neckpiece...

pt 1.3 Accessories

Fashion week: Streetstyle pt 1.2 People

The people who visit the shows look great! No doubt about that...

pt 1.2 People


Fashion week: Streetstyle pt 1. Shoes

Pictures from the streets in the major cities next to the fashion week events.
These days the people who visit the shows are even more interesting than the show itself, stylewise.

Pt 1. Shoes


Dirty Paris...

Hey, I was in Paris last week to do some research for Individuals and it was quite fun. Not as much as I hoped for but it was nice to be away from all the stress for a moment...
I didn't take a lot of pictures since we were rushing trough the city all the time.
But I had some time left to buy a fur coat, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it.

Portion of Olsen...

Love their style...


Ready to invade Paris!

Tuesday I'm off to Paris to visit the fabrics fair 'Premier Vision' and to look for inspiration in the city. I'll try to take some interesting pictures of places and well dress people...
I'll also try to get rid of my stickers by placing them all over the city in public places, which will be fun to do... :)


Artist: Danny Roberts

Today I found out about this illustrator, Danny roberts who makes the most beautiful drawings...
You can even buy them on etsy.com