A big illustrators post... Robert Toth & Connie Lim

Robert Toth - Trendy girls with guns

Connie Lim - Fashion illustrated playing cards

I found some new illustrators which I really like... Hope you like them too...
Well... actually I don't care, hahaha! I like them anyway!

source: cyanatrendland.com


Fashion week: Streetstyle pt 2. Shoes

Another update about different heels spotted this fashion week worn by visitors.


fashion week: Streetstyle pt 1.3 Accessories

Some interesting accessories they carried with them...
I love the feather neckpiece...

pt 1.3 Accessories

Fashion week: Streetstyle pt 1.2 People

The people who visit the shows look great! No doubt about that...

pt 1.2 People


Fashion week: Streetstyle pt 1. Shoes

Pictures from the streets in the major cities next to the fashion week events.
These days the people who visit the shows are even more interesting than the show itself, stylewise.

Pt 1. Shoes